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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

My Summer Reading List

Here is my summer reading list. I am hoping to read at least half of these. I would read all of them if I could afford to buy every book. Some our school library and local library have, others I will have to buy. I also wanted to explain why I wanted to read each one. My plan is to write a reflection after each book I finish. 
  1. Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning
By: Peter C. Brown, Henry L. Roediger III, and Mark A. McDaniel

I have heard a lot about this book from many researchers and educators. Why wouldn’t I want to learn best practices on how to make learning stick. Especially want to read this one because I am doing a presentation this summer at the NAD teachers convention called “Retrieval Practice and How To Make Learning Stick”. By: Daniel Pink

I have heard a lot of great things from this book and author Daniel Pink. I want to read Daniel Pink’s newest book but I thought I should read this first before reading his latest book. This book looks into what motivates people to learn and I want to tap into that and use that in my class.

  1. Solo Taxonomy in Physical Education
By: Nicola Richards and Pam Hook

Seth Martin recommended this book to me and I really respect his opinion. I really want to learn more about getting my students to be self-guided and choose their pace. I currently flip my math classes and would love to learn more ways to flip my Physed classes.
  1. Hacking Assessment: 10 Ways to Go Gradeless in a Traditional Grades School
By: Starr Sackstein

This is my first year trying to go gradeless. I want to keep learning on how to get students to own their learning and involve them in the grading process. I ended this semester doing grade conferences and I really enjoyed how it turned out. However, I want to learn about doing digital portfolios like Seesaw to better represent what the students know and can do.
By: Don Wettrick

Want to keep learning about 20 Time, Genius Hour, or Passion Time (whatever you want to call it).
By: Matt Miller and Alice Keeler

Love both these authors and I believe in ending HW in school or making more effective. I want to dive more into this topic of ditching homework and help share these strategies with my colleagues.
By: Linda Griffin and Joy Butler

Want to learn more about the TGFU model and how to implement that with my students. I hear many educators talk about how they use TGFU and like the idea of using this model to help create game sense that can be applied to other games.
By: Matt Miller
Recently my principal asked for my input about buying a new round of math textbooks. My response was “Instead of buying math textbooks let's invest that money into curriculum resources and learning how to live without a textbook”
By: Daniel Pink
I haven’t read a single Daniel Pink book but I feel like I keep seeing his research everywhere. Once I read Drive want to read his most recent book.
By: Linda Griffin, Stephen Mitchell, and Judith Oslin

This book is another recommendation from the Twitter-verse and meant to help me develop and implement TGFU model
By: Dan Rothstein, Luz Santana

Love this title. I think this might be the sole reason why I want to read this book. Supper excited to find out that our school library has this book.
By: Alfie Kohn

Alfie Kohn might be the Godfather of Ditching homework. I really enjoyed his book “Punishment by Rewards” and want to dive more into this concept about ditching homework.

  1. The EduProtocol Field Guide: 16 Student-Centered Lesson Frames for Infinite Learning Possibilities 
By: Marlena Hebern and Jon Corippo

Had the opportunity to listen to Jon Corippo speak at the 2017 online Ditch Summit and his concept of using EduProtcols to streamline learning was so novel to me. I loved his fast and curious protocol and have been using it my classroom. Want to keep learning about EduProtocols and how to be more effective.
By: Aaron Hogan

Think this topic is so important. I use to struggle with this concept of being the perfect teacher with the perfect lesson. I have learned to let go and live within my boundaries. Want to see what Aaron says on this topic. I am hoping the book talks about the value of being authentic and genuine with your students and talking about not just your successes but your mistakes. For this very reason, I really enjoy listening to the “My Bad” podcast.
By: Kasey Bell

Love Kasey Bell in the Google Teacher Tribe and her website is a great place for resources and ideas on how to make learning dynamic. Really excited to dive deeper into her mind and have more tools in my toolbox to make learning more dynamic with digital tools. Love this quote “Technology is not a tool it is an opportunity”
By: Hope and Wade King

At first, when I heard this book title I had no interest in reading this and thought it sounded like magic tricks. Then I participated in a #tlap chat where the book was discussed with the authors and know I can’t wait to read this book.
By: John Spencer and AJ Juliani

There are some people that no matter what they write I will read it. I think John Spencer and AJ Juliani I am hooked for whatever they write or talk about. I loved the book “Empower” and want to dive into design thinking and how to use the launch cycle at my school. Love the idea of maker spaces and want to learn how to have one at my school.
By: Ron Ritchhart, March Church, and Karin Morrison

This one just had a very catching title and I know I can read since we have a copy in our school liabary. 
By: Amy Burvall and Dan Ryder

I am not 100% sure why this is on my list except I have heard a lot of other educators talk about this book.
By: George Couros

I keep seeing #IMMOC everywhere on Twitter and really want to just read this book so I know what everyone is talking about.
By: Michael Matera

Love the idea of gamification and love the #XPLAP chats on Tuesday at 9pm CST (when I can stay up that late). I really enjoyed Michaels 2017 Ditch Summits presentation and want to keep learning how to move to a gamified classroom without making it seem silly or mythical.
By: Henery Wong

This another one I see teachers talk about. I have also heard good things from Henry Wong and want to finally read this book. I think I got recommended the marshmallow challenge as a day 1 activity from someone else that read this book. I think the importance of setting the tone during the first week of school is so important.
By: Trevor Mackenzie with Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt

This book just came out and I think I saw this on Matt Miller's List of 10 books to read this summer. Has a very interesting title.
By: Holly Clark and Tanya Avrith

Holly Clark is another Ditch Summit presentation that I really enjoyed. I was really challenged by her Ditch Summit presentation, that we should be hearing from every student every day (I think that is why digital tools are so great to facilitate this). I want students to be able to have a voice but also know how to h
By: Rebecca Louise Hare and Dr. Robert Dillon

This book sounds so interesting to me. I think I heard Robert Dillon on Angela Watson or  Jennifer Gonzalez  podcast where he talks about how colors can affect learning, The choices on our wall, and just optimizing the best classroom setup for learning.

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