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Sunday, May 27, 2018

End of Year Reflection on my Goals

My school wanted us to write four SMART goals at the start of the year. We where suppose to reflect each quarter, which I did not. I wrote my reflection for each goal in bold. Overall I felt like I made huge strides in becoming a better teacher. One thing I know I want to do better is check in on my goals and reflect and make adjustments to my goal plan each quarter. 

My biggest accomplishments:
  • Not using a textbook. 
  • Almost completely ditching HW (probably assigned less than 10 formal HW assignments).
  • Trying out Interactive notebooks.
  • Becoming more proficient in Google Classroom.
  • Growing my PLN
  • Blogging and reflecting more.
  • Becoming Google Certified Level 1
  • Trying out a Flipped model and building a Google Site.
  • Starting my own podcast on Ditching Grades. 
  • Started to write and create my lessons
  • Using Gif's in PE class
  • Healthy Nuggets in PE class. 

Link to Goals: Click Here

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