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Monday, March 19, 2018

What Does The First 10 Minutes Of Your #Physed Class Look Like?

Routines in PE class are so important. We have to make the most of the time that we have. After watching Mark Banasiak teach and his blog post "How Does Your #PhysEd Class Begin?, I was inspired to try out a new routine to start class.  I also had a chance to see Debbie Morgan speak today at the 2018 SDA-HPERA Conference, check out here website, and she stressed the importance of routines and transitions. This is one area I have been trying to focus on and get better on. I really like how the first 10 minutes of my class run. 

What I like about the first 10 minutes of my class

  • Students are active at moderate to high-level intensity for more than half of the time
  • Student have an opportunity to express themselves creatively
  • Students get to socialize and learn with their peers
  • Provides structure for assessment and feedback on past skills. 
  • There is very little dead time.
  • Students have an opportunity to learn a health tip. 
Here is the outline of the first 10 minutes of my class.

  1. Entrance Activity (2-3 Minutes)
  2. Warm Up Game (4-6 Minutes)
  3. Health Nugget/Tip (2-3 Minutes)

  • Entrance Activity: Students come into the gym and immediately start skipping laps. Every 20 seconds I will switch up the locomotor skill to an animal walk and vice versa. I try to do one that is high energy to one that is medium to low energy (all the animal walks, except for puppy dog run are good). Eventually, I am going to start mixing in pathways, levels, effort, etc. 
Locomotor Skills
Animal Walks
Crab Walk
Side Slide
Gorilla Walk
Seal Walk
Cat Walk
Puppy Dog Run
Elephant Walk.
Check it out in action:
  • Warm Up Game: This week to keep it simple we are doing a game we have done in my class for a while, Fire and Ice, from Ben Landers. My goal for this time is to use it to review past skills. While they are playing I am assessing and giving feedback. Right now I am making sure they remember our cues for underhand throwing, Swing-Step-Throw, and step with the opposite foot. Another goal during this time is to get the students heart rate up. I want the first 8 minutes to be me talking berry little and the students moving as much as possible. For this reason, I want to choose activities that require minimal setup and very easy to explain.

  • Health Nugget/Tip: I tell students to go to their squad lines and we go over the health tip today. This gives the students an opportunity to catch their breathe and interact socially with their peers.  The model is to ask a question that they “Think-Pair-Share” with a partner and then have a class discussion. After 1 minute of them sharing with a partner I will get students attention (freeze signal if I have too) and call on students to share. I usually try to pick one boy raising their hand, one girl raising their hand, one boy/girl not raising their hand. This always me to make any corrections that I might need to adjust. i.e. ME: "what is a healthy snack?" Student: “Cotton-Candy!”. I am doing monthly themes in order to organize my health tips. I am hoping by organizing on a theme that that students will learn a bigger concept than just random health tips. This month our theme is healthy choices. I  start off each discussion with “What is our theme this month? What healthy tip are we trying to focus in on this month?” Then go into the “Think-Pair-Share” question. At the end of the group discussion, I will leave them with a question to ponder. This gives the opportunity to think about how they can apply what their learning. I go over with them the health tip at the end of teaching class. 
Example of students "Think-Pair-Share" 

Here is the breakdown of my health nugget/tip

Monthly Theme: Making Healthy Choices
Health Tip
Choosing To Be Active

  1. Is it better to take the stairs or the elevator?
  2. Is it better to go for walk after dinner or watch tv? (after 30 seconds) Why?
We want to find ways to be more active in our day.
Question to ponder: How can you find ways to be more active in your day?
Choosing To Make Smart Orders

When you go out to eat at a restaurant sometimes you have so many choices. When you are ordering is it better to
  1. Order juice or soda?
  2. (After 10 Seconds) Juice or water?
Find a new partner and discuss your favorite side to get at a restaurant. I really like hash browns. My son really likes broccoli.
When we go out to eat we need to make smart choices about what we order. We can quickly choose a lot of little bad choices that make one big problem for our body. Especially choose to make smart choices about what you drink (water first and maybe always) and what sides you get.
Question to ponder: How can you choose to eat healthy when you go out to eat?

Note: This version of the healthy tip was modified from the post "How Do You Relay Health Information During Your PE Classes?" by Mark  Banasiak. I am just organizing the health tips into monthly themes. 

What does the first 10 minutes of your class look like?

Please leave a comment and let me know. 

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