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Saturday, March 24, 2018

My 6 #SHAPENashville Takeways

1. Just Dance: All of the #PhysedTalks presentations were amazing, even Andy Hair’s digital recorded one from Australia. Melanie Levenberg and Cheryl Wardell talk both motivated me to start incorporating dance into my PE curriculum. Melanie really helped change my mind on what dance “has to look like”. I don’t want my limitations on physical literacy, especially dance, to affect what might be important to my students. I teach in a very conservative community, but if they saw this version of dancing, aligned to the standards, they would not have any problems with me teaching dance. The next day, on my quest to find coffee, I made a new friend while waiting in line Karen Bonanno and she pushed me to go to her presentation on teaching dance. Honestly, if Melanie hadn’t changed my mind to think differently about dance I would have not gone to Karen's presentation. I now know the Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide, the Biker Shuffle, and teaching tips. My wife was surprised when I got home to see my new moves. I can’t wait to start teaching these moves to my kids.

2. Make Connections: Be willing to strike up a conversation with anyone, you will never know what you will learn. My favorite connection came because of my new friendship to karen and she introduced me to Kristine Fritz at the social event. She taught me a new way to teach skipping with my PK’s using the Elephant Skip. Can’t wait to try this out.

After Matt Pomeroy’s & Charla Krahnke sport education model when Peter Hastie came up after the presentation and he shared all the cross curricular alignment he is doing with the Sport Ed Model. At the time I had no idea that he was on of the coauthors of one of the most influence books on my teaching, Complete Guide to Sport Education. Petter is doing some amazing things from organizing groups into different dinosaur groups to putting groups into different habitats and students had to choose their team from that habitat. So if a team was in the grasslands habitat they would have to choose an animal like a cheetah or giraffe. This conversation inspired me to do the sport ed model with my young students and to make a sport ed model season around gardening/farming.

3. Speak Up!: Don’t think your voice has any value. Many times I feel that I don’t have anything to contribute to the #physed community. During the “Choose Your Own Tech Adventure” they did something called demo slam, where attendees got to share their tech tools to everyone. The whole time I was thinking that I didn’t really have anything interesting to share. Finally, I shared a fabout Anchor, a podcast maker,  that is so easy for anyone to make that I even made a podcast called Ditch Those Grades.Then I shared how using Google Photos is very simple to make movies. What others were sharing I didn’t feel like what I shared was any specially until Lynn Hefele, a teacher of the year (TOY), came up to me afterwards and I walked her through how to use Google photos on her phone. Your perspective will only matter if you are willing to speak up.
I was standing in line on to buy a SHAPE america polo and there was Josh Meibos, 2018 Arizona teacher and keynote speaker.  Initially, I just wanted to talk to him to learn more about him and tell him he did a great job during his keynote. His speech really inspired me to want to get board certified. During our conversation, we started talking about how I am trying to figure out how to adapt the sport education model down to lower elementary. I didn’t think the idea was anything special because to me everyone knows the sport education model. Josh was actually very interested and seemed like he wanted to learn more about the sport education model.  Assume nothing!

4. Be An Advocate: I realized this it is not good enough to promote physical literacy just in my class, but I need to be promoting physical literacy to the whole school and community. Need to be promoting physical activity benefits and tips to classroom teachers, parents, and community. This inspired me to write an email to my admin to request that the whole school start with a brain booster activity to start the day. I want to make a similar videos that Cheryl does at her school to start off the day with physical activity with all students and faculty. To be a good advocate I need to make sure that my audio matches my video. I once heard that “your walk talks, and your talk talks, but your walk talks louder than your talk talks”.

5. Use the Standards: Full confession, I do not align the grade level outcomes (GLO) to what I am doing. I want to do a better job of aligning everything I do to the GLO’s. I have the standards in the back of my mind. No one is requiring or expecting me to do this, so I have to expect this from myself.

Why would I do something that would create more work for myself that is not required for me to do?

After Terri Drain  #PhysEdTalks I always want to know why I am doing something. First of all every TOY I saw talked about how important the standards are to them. Not a single TOY neglected how important the standards are to them and how the use the GLO’s to guide everything they do. Better alignment to the GLO’s will ensure that I teach with a purpose.

6. Get Equipped: I am overwhelmed with all the new instant activities, games, tech tools, and classroom management hacks that I learned. I love upgrading my tools. I can’t wait to start using everything I am learning. Sometimes going to a convention like #SHAPENashville you realize that there are some tools that you need to add to your tool box that you never knew you needed. Doug Hallberg inspired me to do a better job of being intentionally on using student name EVERYDAY to give positive feedback. I love the "fist bump" warm-up activity that he does to achieve this. I also realized that I need to be intentional about working on backward movement.

You ever been in Home Depot and walk by an isle and “What’s that tool for?”

I feel like I had that moment. I realized that I need to be more intentional with incorporating bilateral movement. Can’t wait to start using this Laura Prior drum activity

What tools you are missing that you don’t even know that you need?

Please leave a comment or respond to me on twitter @coachadamspe. I would love your feedback.

What where your biggest takeaways?


  1. Wicked that you had an awesome time and thanks heaps for the shout out. Great blog!!!

    1. Loved your interview with Ryan Ellias. Was hopping to connect with you at #SHAPENashville. Your mates defiantly inspired me to try cricket with my kids. Working on building a Sport Ed model around it.

  2. Great reflection! Loved readying your takeaways Alex!

    1. Thanks man. Congratulations on winning National TOY. Thanks for all that you do with #ESPEChat and #physed community.