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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Why I Would Design High Schools Like A Sports Team

If I was building my perfect high school I would design it like a sports team. Personally, I think the purpose of athletics is to build character, which is something that is often missing in our schools. For our schools to win they focus on test scores. Or teachers only focus on their discipline(math) and not the whole person. Coaches and sports teams tend to focus on the whole person. Creating athletes of character which a natural by-product is better performance on the field. Notice the focus is not on winning, its the person.

Here is how I would lay out my school's vision, How I would make the vision a reality, and pillars that will help keep us focused on each students purpose in life.

Vision Statement: 
Why we do what we do
We would be creating students of character which will lead to better performance in the classroom. We would live our vision statement every day. We would say it every day. There would be posters with our vision all around the school. What we talk about we believe. What we belives bring thoughts. Thoughts bring actions. Actions lead to direction. Direction leads you to your destination. Note: This vision would apply to our teachers too.

How we will achieve our vision

HOW we make our WHY come alive

Our how statement allows us to bring our vision to life. but doing our how's we will be able to achieve our vision. 


WHAT we do.

The pillars are more of the what we will be doing. It brings the how's more into focus which then brings our vision more into focus. I envision weekly if not daily reflection time. Just like a player might reflect on a game and try to figure out what when right and what they need to fix in order to be better. having direction or purpose is so important to help focus students. When they have that focus students' then make sure that every action they take lines up with their purpose. 

Impact: My hope is that student would understand they need to be having an impact on our world. The best leaders are servants. The first two years of school I  think would be more traditional. I envision that for the junior and senior year that students would complete a service project. Model the service projects like the Boy Scouts of America do with their Eagle Projects.  Learn the skills to complete the project, they have to make budget, organize and train help, and then when its all done they would present their projects impact in a TEDx like event

Other guiding principals or ideas

  • When a player(student) has a bad game(quiz/test) they get help. More coaching. Not doing the work for them but getting them to own their part of the equation. 
  • How you do anything is how you do everything.
  • If we focus on creating the best person that would be reflected in the classroom. 
  • Might require everyone to play at least one sport. True character comes out during games. 
  • We would make sure that we hire the best person to be part of our team.

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