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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

My #ObserveME Lesson

I realized that if I wanted to grow as a teacher I am going to need feedback to make my teaching better. At the beginning of the year, I took part in the #ObserveMe Challenge, Click here to see the first post. Working at a small school it is really hard to find peers to come in and give me back especially when the other math teacher is always teaching when I am teaching. I would like any interested peers to give me feedback on the goals in the picture below and record it in this Google Form.

We are on the second day of our measurement unit and we are going to go over geometric probability. I used this Dan Meyer's Lesson on geometric probability to start off as a review from last class period and to spark curiosity. I love seeing students

I was inspired by @PalkerMath post on how she used NERF guns on to combine Geometrical Probability and experimental probability.

 I made this handout based on her post. 

Note: I had planned for 80 minutes but there was a college fair for the first 35 minutes, you may see a student come in late because of it. I wanted to do this Quizlet live as a way to assess prior knowledge and have a discussion about the lesson. Also didn't have time for this exit task with marbles and spinners.

The reason I have two clips is that my iPad decided to pause halfway through the lesson.

I thought about splitting the video's into smaller bit size clips but I wanted to get the whole meat and potatoes out there.

Warm Up & Introduction (Clip1)

NERF Gun Station Work (Clip 2)

If you have any feedback please give it to me  Here. I truly want to get better as a teacher. I think the more open we are the more positive growth we will see in education.

I would like to thank Robert Kaplinsky for the original idea and pushing me to do this. I e-mailed a month ago and told him my plan and he was very supportive.

Totally forgot I made this pledge to myself a couple of weeks ago.

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