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Friday, January 5, 2018

Weekly Reflections - #iteachmath #MTBoS #3actmath #EDUProtocols

New year, New Semester, and an opportunity to try some things new. Decided to move my geometry class to a flipped mastery model. Started off the year doing 3-act math lessons in all my other classes and they went amazing. Trying to use everything I have learned from the #Ditchsummit in my class from brain dumps to Edu-Protocols.

Let's find a reason for why we need math: 
3-Act Math lessons work perfectly for setting up a reason for why we need math. I have used this before but for whatever reason they worked amazing this week. I couldn't believe it. one student, who usually doesn't seem to enjoy math, had this reaction today "I really LIKED the lesson today". I was amazed with the ability of my students to come up with meaningful questions for us to solve.

Taco Stand
This activity is from Dan Meyer. I love finding way's to save time and this problems sets up a great question to answer that. It also always us to use the tools of unit conversations even though we where learning distance and Pythagorean theorem.

This was an amazing activity. After we figured out which way was faster we worked through more conceptual problems and then review more concrete problems. usually we work the other way around in math. What I like about this is this gives math PURPOSE. 

Filling it Up
So this activity was created by Join Orr and adopted by Dan Ehlert. Check out the activity here

Here are the questions that my student came up with. I love that we get to figure out what information is important or not. Favorite question."is the tomato can full". The student wanted to know if there was a lid on the bottom. If we started filling up the pitcher would the can float or not, or if it was empty would the water fill the space of the empty can. Wow. That question I think would make a great sequel question. 

Domino Skyscraper
This is another 3-Act Math activity from Dan Meyer, He is the creator of this concept. Check it out here. 

Which Shape is the largest?
Another great activity to get the students to ask the question. They are able to make a guess and they set up a NEED for the coordinate plan. 

Here we can see why the Coordinate plan is helpful and how we can use the distance formula to help us out. Student want their guess to be correct and trying to see how accurate they are. This PURPOSE drive them the whole time. 

Dr. Google helped us find the formula for areas of these figures. 

Favorite part had to have been at the very end when one student, who struggles to be engaged said, "I really liked this lesson!"

So I am using EduProtocol that I got from Jon Corippo while attending this years #DitchSummit. I shared one with my wife for her Spanish class and she is using it and LOVES it and so do her students. I really love sharing with others what I have learned. Especially when it helps make their class better.

Why use EduProtcols

  • Provide our students with ideas that they can string together. Once students are familiar with the steps they become more efficient. With this approach we achieve: 
    • Increased efficiency due to repetition 
    • Higher quality results 
    • The ability to cover more materials

Fast and Curios EduProtocol:
Repetitive testing until all students score high. Students come in and take a quizizz and then we review the 10 most missed words. I put all the vocab words that we will come across in that unit in the quiz. Student's might not know some of the vocab words but now they are asking the question "what does this word mean?" Instead of them learning a vocab word first and quizing over it, this EduProtocol works backwards and helps gets the student to be curious about a vocab word.  "I quiz because I care. I quiz because I care" I heard this phrase form The Learning Scientist podcast and helps remind me why I am doing this. This EduProtocol is also a great way to help practice retrieval practice.

  • With each repetition grades improve.
  • This type of mastery learning (which often takes as little as 8-10 minutes) also eliminates the need for worksheets and homework (i.e. paperwork) that gives teachers more time to focus on higher learning thinking skills and activities.
Solving Equations
Take 1=73%
Take 2=87%

Polygon and Quadrilaterals
Take 1=48%
Take 2=57%

Intro To Geometry
Take 1=70%
Take 2=82%

So far the results have been good. Lets see how next week goes. Might need to create a different quiz so the students are not just memorizing the answers. Students seem to love playing a game. We set a goal as a class and try to improve on that score. Instead of being competitive against each other they are no rooting for each other to be successful.

Other Notes

  • Moved my Geometry class to a flipped mastery model. Talked more about it in this post here
  • Was a great start to the new year. I hope I can keep it up. 
    • Focus on the positive
    • Focus on the end in mind. What do I want my students to be able to do in May?
    • Focus on what I can control
    • Be the change I want to see
    • Added a place for Brain Dumps in the interactive notebooks. Haven't done one yet but will try this out next week.
    • I love the notes that one of my students took. Look at all the color. 

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