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Monday, January 1, 2018


Saw this on Twitter and I really thought what a great concept. Instead of a mantra or a new years resolution, what is one word that help keep you motivated. What is one word that you want to focus on this year. What is one word that will guide you this year. I guess the challenge is based off of Dan Britton's book, "One Word That Will Change Your Life." 

My wife and I talked about it for a while last night. She settled on a word and I was really impressed with her reasoning. I pondered all day what my one word would be. I went back and forth and so many but finally I picked one. My one word is Why!

Why did I chose the word why? I want to make sure I understand my why in everything I do. Why do I teach? Why am I using I certain piece of technology? Why am I on twitter right now? Should I be spending more time with my family? Why are we doing this? Can we make it better? I want my students to own their own why. I want them to be able to understand their own purpose and be able to defend it. I feel like so many of us don't understand why we do what we do.  This word probably is ringing in my mind so much because of how much I am listening to Simon Sinek. If you haven't seen his TED talk "How Great Leaders Inspire Action", you have to check it out here.  

To find out more about #OneWord and the book, check out the website and the Twitter

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