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Monday, January 15, 2018

Book Review: Empower: What Happens When Students Own Their Learning #EmpowerBook #tlap #learnlap @ajjuliani @spencerideas

Why did I read this book:
I wanted to find ways to empower students to own their learning. I have heard John Spencer speak on various podcast and have been inspired about his message. This concept is so important for students to understand and is an area I need to improve on. My last book review I posted my desire to read either Teach Like a Pirate or Empower. Our school librarian read my post and informed me she had ordered a copy for the school that I can borrow. Thank you Fawn. 

Major Takeaways:

  • Shifted my mindset from student engagement to student empowerment. I use to think the goal was to have students engaged in the learning process. My mindset has totally shifted after reading this book. Engaged students is good, but empowered students is even better. 
  • Want to create chiefs not cooks. Chiefs create. Cooks just follow recipes. 
  • I want to move my students to be producers, however, they will still need to consume. This concept just blew my mind away. Chiefs have to consume in order to be inspired to create. The key is to create students who are critical consumers. 
  • Going to try out 20% time with my seniors with the rest of the semester. 
  • Facebook Book Club: Joined a network of educators that are on this journey to empower students. Its just for this month of January but its a great way to connect with the author and other educators. 
  • Inside Innovation Podcast: find out about this gem through twitter. This podcast has inspired me to try 20% time and just inspired me to try new things. This was a great find. 
  • I am no where close to an empowered classroom. This book was a great start but I need to start taking risk and trying ideas. Need to just fail forward and try out ideas that I think that will help. My biggest fear is giving up control. I am not afraid of trying, but I am afraid that it won't work.
  • I think this book will serve as a help guide on the journey. Too bad I will need to return it to the library. 
  • There needs to be an #empowerbook chat. For me this would help if there was a community that meet weekly that could help inspire and keep us accountable in our journey to empower students. I think #learnlap fits some of this desire but I think the #empowerbook message is very unique. 

Favorite Quotes:

This book has ton's of great sketch notes. I was taking pictures right and left.

  • “Your legacy as an educator is always determined by what your students do. You change the world by empowering your students to do the same.”


I think I finally found a use for SnapChat. I learned about this concept from following Tara Martin on Twitter. Her blog has great videos on how to create #BookSnaps. What I like about #BookSnaps is that it is a great way to reflect and to create at the same time. It also is a great way to connect your reflections to the world.  I think moving forward I would like to do more. I will post more in this blog as a create them. 

Next Book:  "Learn Like a Pirate"

Still Reading: "Do Hard Things"

Still reading this one. I am behind the rest of the staff. To be honest I have lost interest in this. It seems like the second half of the book is more of the same. I am having a really hard time picking the book up and finishing it. I know once I do I will finish it in a day. 

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