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Sunday, December 31, 2017

My Reflections on #DitchSummit

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, the #DitchSummit hosted by Matt Miller from I also have to say huge shout out to Lance McClard (@Drmcclard) coming up with the #DitchSummitChallenge. I found this as a great way to stay motivated to finish the conference and connect with others. I wanted to practice a brain dump and reflect on everything I learned from memory.

  • Growing my PLN. I can't tell you how many other educators I was introduced too during the conference. I had never heard of most of the presenters and never heard any of them speak before. I added a lot of great people to follow on twitter, hashtags to follow, great online resources, and podcast to follow. I have already started to listen to the The StartEdUP Podcast and has really inspired me to be more of innovator.  
  • I want my students to be producers not just consumers
  • There is no they
  • By having a PLN we can make what's good better and what's better becomes great. 
  • Don't make tech one more thing. 
  • Use tech to make learning/thinking visible
  • Focus on the positive
  • Are brain is more effective when we are happy. 
  • Don't deplete your cup. Give the excess of your cup. Love this
  • Brain Dumps-Retrieval practice strategy. Challenge yourself to recall the information and then go back and fill in the blanks. Great way to learn. KING TUT was 9 years old when he become King.  
  • Spacing effect
  • Use Pear Deck to make my presentation more interactive
  • CTRL+Shift+T=Reopen a closed tab. WOW. can't tell you how many times I have started using this one. 
  • Podcast I have started to follow
    • StartEdUP
    • The Learning Scientist
  • Books I want to read now
    • Drive by Daniel Pink
    • Explore Like a Pirate
    • Edu Protocols book when it comes out.
Things I know I want to learn more about

  • EDU Protocols
    • Use the Mastery quiz one to learn math vocab. want to start using this one now. Students will take a Quizizz  at the beginning of each unit with all the math vocab words I want them to learn. Review the results and then teach them 1 vocab word using the Frey Model that they can put in their interactive notebooks. Will quiz every day until at least 80% or better by all students.  Then quiz again two weeks latter to practice that spacing effect. 
    • Math Protocols
    • How else can I streamline the process of learning-Warm up activities, bell work, Closing work. 
  • Understanding by Design. I think I do some of this already but really like the concept of starting with the end in mind.
  • Need to find ways to use Tech to enhance student thinking and making learning visible
  • Do I try to have students become more producers using tech with iPads, especially with the limitations that we have (No camera, no video,) or will by adding the tech just distract from our learning objectives. 
Whats Next
Signed up for my first EdCamp in February. I guess this will be the first time that an EdCamp has been in Nashville.

Joined a book study for Empower Book by John Spencer and A.J. Juliani

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