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Friday, October 13, 2017

Weekly Review #iteachmath #mtbos

Classroom Update
Added a whole bunch of poster this week.
Added fixed and growth letters to mindset wall. 

 Includes vs excludes
Love this front of the room shoot. The room is coming ALIVE!!!!
Perfect Squares and math symbols

 Perfect Cubes

Senior and Freshman Update:
Want to change the structure of my math class with my seniors and freshman. I feel like the students are getting frustrated with the set up with class and I think I don't blame them. I want them to learn and I don't think they feel like they are learning. There is a part of me that says, "no, they will learn eventually. Stay the course." If the ship is learning I can't tell if the ship is pointed in the write direction or if we just need a small course adjustment. Part of the issue is that I think I give too much freedom in the classroom. I feel like in all my classes I am having trouble motivating students to use their time wisely. I get after the students about using their time effectively and that if they did use their time effectively they wouldn't be behind in class. I was inspired recently by Dave Burgess quote that I am not the teacher but the host. I like that concept but unfortunately the flipped learning environment that I have set up is not fully working. It was more of in-class flip or blended learning environment that I have created but the student's were not using their time to watch the videos. It also doesn't help when student's don't bring headphones; I should have had a solution for that issue and provided headphones and required the kids to watch and LISTEN to the videos.  I don't grade any of the interactive notes that we take in class in the flipped videos and the kids are thinking that that is learning. I have been checking them off to make sure the students have taken their notes but then when I go to assess them they are not retaining the information. I try to tell the students that even though you don't get a "grade" for taking notes you should do them because they should help you learn. Students are either having trouble seeing the value in taking notes or just rush them so it gets marked off as done in my gradebook, even though there is no value for them in the gradebook.

 It also did not help that the last three weeks of school have been crazy between career day (which was amazing), mission trips, history trips, PSAT, IOWA Testing, and college preview I have had half of our regular scheduled meetings with all my kids. Don't get me wrong all of those events are great in their own way but I should have been more flexible with my plan and tried something else or had other activities planed.

Moving forward I have an 80 minute block but I was planning on doing the following:

  • First 10-20 mins: Warm up and prayer: We have been doing ACT prep and we will finish doing that. A lot of my kids are tacking the ACT at the end of October so we are doing a practice ACT test for warm up. After that I want to have warm up sheets that I can put into the dry erase tickets that I have been using my Geometry class. 
  • 20-60 mins: Lesson. Going to provide notebook inserts and give the kids direct instruction for them to put in their notebook. I want to have brain break planned for halfway through if they are doing a lot of sitting. I also want to make sure I have group activities. 
  • 60-80 mins: Reflection/exit ticket. Maybe I will have the Exit tickets or warm ups in Google Classroom. I have been trying to use more tech in my classroom but sometimes I feel like they just get overwhelmed. I just feel like it is so important that they know how to interact with tech and use it in a good way. 

The Youcube Facebook group suggested to look into Classcraft to keep kids motivated.

I also really appreciated one of my students coming and talking to me and trying to brainstorm some ides to make the class better. The student agreed the class should be about learning but that what we are currently doing isn't working. The student agreed that as students that they need to be using class time better and that they will try to focus on that.

Geometry Update
Geo this week I thought went well. Been working on transversals and parallel lines. Started the week of working on introducing the concepts of proofs.

Students loved our intro activity "Who is better debate on Beyonce vs Adele / Lion or Bear / Michel Jordan or LeBron James". We used this framework to introduce proofs and deductive reasoning.

Kids answers where great. Tried to get them to use facts and not emotions. 

We then went over the setup of a two column proof, talked about counterexamples, and explained why order is important. Created a notebook insert that I based off of When Math Happens website.

Also added another line to the floor puzzle. Love it when the kids are able to get out of their seats and be interactive with the learning. I used the floor puzzle activity to review as warm-up and then students went up on the board to solve problems. Love seeing students up front teaching their peers and getting practice explaining their reasoning.

I made Sarah Carters blog, Math=Love, check out the post here. I was honored and supper stoked to be mentioned in someone else's blog this week, especially someone I look up to and look for inspiration. Huge honor for sure.

What's Next
Well next week is not any better with the craziness. Saturday is alumni and all night volleyball tournament that I am helping out with. Sunday is Grandparents day and Science fair.  Monday I will only have my freshman math class, the rest of the day our school is devoting to ant-bulling campaign, which sounds like it will be great. Tuesday is a normal day and Wednesday is wash because I am planning PK-4 Field Day all day. Thursday and Friday is fall break. I will only see each of my classes once this week. 

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