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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Weekly Review #BookCampPD #Iteachmath #MTBoS #BrainBreaks #MALearn

Things were slow this week. Monday I only had one class because of an all day anti-bullying presentation, which the students seamed to really enjoy. Wednesday I was gone all day, sort of. I was outside running or PK-4th grade field day. Thursday and Friday we where off because of fall break.

Best Moments
I have been struggling with motivating the kids or keeping the students engaged in class. I have been sensing the kids frustration with either technology issues, or pacing. Bottom line is I want them to WANT to learn. So I am trying to do more direct instruction and less flipped videos, as a way to try to get kids more engaged in the class. I am also going to have warm up activities that serve as a review as well as some number sense activities. I think what I liked most is I shared the thought process with my kids, told them I want to do a better job and I had felt like I had lost some of their trust. I want them to feel comfortable to make mistakes and I felt like that the learning environment needed to improve. I am hoping the kids will step up their game and be engaged but I am going to focus on what I can control and so far the students have responded positively.

On Wednesday I was gone all day and even though the students had a sub I felt like they still got plenty of practice. In once class I had group of students do a problem and explain it to the rest of the class. Another class, I set up their two truths and a lie problem around the room and had the students answer each other's questions. I folded the answer over so they couldn't just see the answer.  What I liked about this is all the questions where student created and it got students out of their seats to get practice.

#BookCampPD and Voxer
Started participating in the BookCampPD on Twitter, which is a place to discuss educational pedagogical books. It also a community that helps me want to read more. The group started a Voxer group, which I guess is a walkie-talkie app. I have heard of Voxer for a while, so it is fun to finally try it out. It's nice way to interact with the group and leave a voicemail or listen to others feedback via voice as well as text. Everyone shared their current books they are reading.

Here is what I am currently reading.
I have read this before but wanted
Just started reading this one but it has a forward from Chuck Norris!!!!!. It has some great quotes that I want to make into classroom posters:
 "All effort-even failed effort- Produces muscle."
" Never Trying is a lot worse than loosing." 

Books that other people in the group are reading that I want to check out:

Also found about the app Hoopla, which gives you access to digital audiobooks, videos, & music that I can checkout from the public library. Did I mention for FREE and on my digital device. Side note I have done more reading this year than I have in my previous 7.5 years as an educator combined.

On Tuesday I had chapel talk on collaboration. One of the best resources I have added to my professional learning network is Twitter. I challenged the kids to share what the are learning on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat with #MAlearn. As the bible says "Iron sharpens Iron". I also created a Snapchat account and shared my first video. Not sure how exactly it works but I just want the kids to see how social networks can be used for good. It  seems all we hear about is how distracting social networks are or that they are used for bulling. I think in part that is because that is all kids know. No one shows them how social networks can be used for good.

Brain Breaks
I had to do a brain break this week in on of my classes. I love and hate brain breaks. I have the kids for either 40-80 minuets a day and in that time I want to make sure students are not sitting in the chairs the whole time. Students today sit in class way to long. I strongly believe that we need to have lessons that are engaging and get kids moving and out of their seats. If I have to do a brain break that means I designed a lesson that has the students sitting in the chairs the WHOLE time. That is horrible. I want to challenge myself to create lessons that naturally get kids up and moving as way to practice math. I hate when I have to do brain breaks, but when I do I love them. We did the game slap, which is the students slap each others opposite hand back and forth as they say the categories topic. We did states, books of the bible, and everyone went crazy when we did Disney characters. it took at most two minuets to do but the kids where more engaged after the break. I have ideas of doing brain breaks that work on soft skills. Here is a video of what we did in class, Click Here. This year I am trying to document all the brain breaks we do in class to share with other educators.


  • I really want to try grading or giving more feedback in #mathsnaps
  • Want to create a newsletter that I will post in the staff bathroom :)
  • Showcase more student work
  • Use two truths and a lie to create questions to use in Kahoot. 
  • Want the kids to define their own mastery challenge. 
  • Want to find more ways to use Flipgrid 
  • Create a list of books I want to read. 

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