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Friday, October 6, 2017

Transversals and Parallel Lines #teach180 #iteachmath #MTBoS

We started with having the kids to watch a flipped video to take notes in their notebook.  We then used the Frayer model to define what is a Transversal.

I then had the kids get practice identifying traversals practice.
I also started using "Warm-Up Tickets". I wanted a better way to warm up and review. So I am going try to have a warm up activity that I can put into my Dry-Erase Pockets. I think this way the kids can get going right away and I can use them again next year. I liked doing the 5-4-3-2-1 Challenge and estimation 180 but I want to infuse both review from the previous day's and number sense activities.

Then had my kids watch a video on parallel lines and transversals and take notes. After taking notes we worked on the bellow notebook insert.

Now, day 5 (today) activity. I shared the previous day's notebook insert to twitter and  I was inspired by Stacy Saia response to do a floor puzzle activity.
So I came in early and took some painters tape and made my floor puzzle

We started out with kids showing examples of vertical angles and linear pair. Then I had  them flip over a card with an angle pair's name on the back of it. They then had to find the correct match. It allowed for instant feedback and loved how other students were helping out.

We then made the lines parallel by adding red arrow's that I had cut out from some extra arrows that I had from my "how we learn" poster. I then gave kids a pair of cards in the same color and had to show an example of each pair of angles on the transversal.  We then walked through if you have one angle you can find all eight angles.  Then we started substituting values with algebraic equations and started solving for x and other angles. Throughout the lesson when kids would indicate the measure of angle I kept asking "why?" I want them to get ready for writing proofs and as a life skill I want them to be able to explain their reasoning to others. "they are equal, because they just are" Even though they are correct they need to understand why! I feel like my kids understand angle pairs well. They do seem to have trouble with corresponding angles and consecutive interior angles. 

This might have been one of my favorite lessons I have taught all year with the geometry kids. The kids were out of there seats moving around and getting tons of practice. I felt like they really enjoyed the lesson and I can get a sense that their understanding is increasing.

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