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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Day 46: Weekly Review

Function Machine Lesson:
Thought this activity worked great. We started with finishing our notebook insert. Kids appreciated the concept of a function machine. They where blown away about plugging in another function into another function. We then broke up into groups of two and gave each group a bag of functions and inputs, in function notation,  to try to solve.  Had the kids see how many functions they can complete. My kids seem to do better when we add competition. Groups that finished I had them try to graph their solutions. One group had trouble understanding f(3)=-2 is just a horizontal line and then when you Plug in f(3) that you still get -2. Next week I want to try to make a shower coordinate graph and have the kids graph each of their points. Want to make math more hands on and this will help them get out of their seats and get them moving.

Simplifying Radicals:
Used my ticket holders for first time. Kids didn't realize they where playing connect four. Need to explain this activity better next time. It was good to get practice on prime factorization. Want to try to create one with variables and with different index's

Things I like

Using google slides to embed video into my flipped lessons. Use this to share the flipped lesson instead of just a Screencastify video. What I like about this is I got to embed webcam video's into the flipped lesson, which allowed me to pull out my alter ego "Pesky Pete". I also think that it is good that kids can see me instead of just hear me on my flipped videos.

Students using lap boards to show me answers from across they room. Also like the lap boards on saving on scrap paper.

One of my classes was eighty minutes this week because of ITBS testing and halfway through the lesson I could sense the kids where having trouble staying focused so we took a walk around the admin building. It took 5 minutes but the kids where more engaged after taking the brain break.

Posters Sparking Conversation: Had some kids that I don't teach ask what this poster was all about. They had never heard of order of operations with levels and then they wanted to know why it wasn't PEMDAS. It was great to explain to them about grouping symbols and that is a better representation. Then we came up with a new Please-Excuse-My-Dear-Aunt-Sally, Green-Elephants-Make-Delicious Afternoon-Snacks. Silly but it was fun coming up with our own saying for this.

Recycling Program: Our NHS program started a recycling program. Not sure what we are getting our selves into but excited to do the right thing. Pictures bellow is our collecting area.

Classroom Update
Prime Numbers Poster: Been slowly adding posters in my classroom.

What I am Struggling With
Dealing with distractions. Trying to be more open and allows the kids to talk more in class but sometimes i struggle when it is way off topic.

Motivating students or managing my time with the kids. I design an activity and tell them to work and sometimes they are very engaged. Sometimes I feel like they are dragging their feet. They seem to like competition.

Need to remind my self to keep being patient. Change takes time.

Being flexible with my plan for the day. We had a fire drill in one class and worship went over 30 minuets in another class, yet, I still tried to cram everything I had planned into that class.

Being confrontational. Sometimes when kids have a distraction, phone, iPad, or whatever and I tell them to put it away or get out their bell work I feel like I do this in a confrontational way. Need to change my tone or how I communicate my main point,  we are here to learn!

What's Inspiring me.
Heard Dr. Robert Bjok on the Bedley brothers podcast  and I can't get enough of it. Want to learn more about what he calls the spacing effect, which is that we shouldn't block instruction. That there is a difference between learning and performance. We can do things that help students perform better but they might not have actually learned it.  For students to learn something they must actually forget it. We should spread out instruction on topics and not go over the same thing twice back to back. He mentions that that might make teachers look disorganized but that research supports that it is better for learning to not block instruction. Not sure how I can start using this in the classroom but want to start trying this out.

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