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Monday, October 23, 2017

Building Equations Notebook Insert and Flipgrid Activity

I have been rereading Teach Like a Pirate and I have been challenged to infuse more passion into my lessons. One thing I love is magic. When I was kid (and still today) I loved watching specials on card tricks, street magic, David Blaine, etc. I used my love for tricks as a way to introduce this lesson on solving and building equations. I used Dan Meyer's number tricks as a reference material on building a notebook insert. First I shared my favorite problem, dubbed "The Adams". I re-named other problems after other faculty members and told the students this was there favorite trick.
So, do the Adams for me. 
1. Pick a number, any number, to make it simple pick a number 1-10
2. Double your number
3. Add 10 to the result of that number.
4. Then divide your number in half.
5. Subtract your original number.

This is where I have fun with it. I look deeply in the person's eyes, rub my forehead, I just really make it seem like I am trying to read their mind. I say "The number you have is....." really slowly and painfully, like it hurts for me to think this hard. That reading your mind right now is causing my brain to feel like it is exploding. "The number you have is....." I wish you could just be in the classroom to see me do this. Was just so much fun to do.  No matter what number you pick you will always get five. I remember doing this as a kid and thinking I was amazing. At one point one of my students just said "Wow, This is cool". This is where math actually becomes something meaningful. Its not just a concept; it's a concept with purpose. Use math to serve the conversation of how we can do magic!!!!

We than use this framework to go over building equations
1. x
2. 2x
3. 2x + 10
4. (2x+10)/2
5. (2x+10/2-x

We than spend some time on solving equations and that we want to work backwards.

So I have been trying to challenge myself to use Flipgrid more in class. At the end of the class period I had the students  come up with their own number trick and record it Flipgrid.

The next day. I had kids view each others video and try to build an equation.

Check out my students video here.  Feel free to try and build their equation. One student explained step by step how she build her's. They would love feedback so go ahead and leave a comment.

Not sure if anyone would want this but here is the Notebook insert link. I also Included Dan Meyer's Original handout.

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