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Monday, September 25, 2017

Day 39: Personal Growth Reports #iteachmath #ditchgrades #MTBoS

I decided that at the end of each unit I am going to spend a couple of days doing something called Personal Growth Day's. I am very passionate in trying to get student's to own their learning; I also want students to feel like they have choice and control in their learning. So instead of spending time on a unit test or a unit review I am handing out personal growth reports (PGR). This is also the first time students can start to figure out what scores they got on quizzes. So far, I haven't been putting a score quizzes just diagnostic feedback. I feel like it is working as kids are not looking at the score but looking at what they did wrong and what they need to do to improve. I originally got the idea of PGR's from Dane Ehlert's blog post. Check it out here. I am borrowing much of the setup and added ACT practice problems that I can find and links to the "Mastery Challenges". 

On the PGR I don't report the student's actually score; instead I report their score with growth mindset language. Every skill is graded on a 5-10 scale, with 10 being mastery. In order for students to get a 10 students have to get two 9's on a quiz (not mistakes) or do an optional mastery challenge. I am also letting students submit their learning, via google forms. Students can show me their learning by completing a worksheet, taking a video explaining what they learned, slide presentation, create a rhyme, ect.

I used a sample student, "Donald Trump" to explain the process of how a PGR report will look and how to use it. Some of my kids got a good chuckle when I said that I tutor our President on my free time. Some of my students just looked confused when I was explaining the process. One class this worked really well, every student was working on a different skill. Some watched videos, some took notes, some re-quizzed. It also gave them a reference point to review.  One student seemed upset or flustered that there was ACT practice. Was a little surprised about that, not sure if I was overwhelming them. Here is the sample I use to show the kids and explain what a PGR is. PGR, Donald Trump 

Also got to explain my new re-quiz policy.  I allow unlimited retakes on any skill (there is no endpoint for learning, except for the semester, sorry), however, this year I wanted a process for the students to re quiz. I am using Sarah Carter's handout that she makes her kids do to re quiz. Check out her post.  Eventually I want to create my own from. My dad always said that it is "insanity to repeat the same mistake over and over again". In year's past student's would retake quizzes and I felt that they hadn't really reviewed or learned, they just wanted a better grade and it took them many retakes to actually show me they have learned a skill. This year they have to fill out the "Error Analysis Sheet" and show the correct answer and figure out what type of mistake they made. Student complete the error analysis sheet and staple there original quiz

Here is the template I use that I link AutoCrat Extension to. PGR Template Algebra Unit: Polynomials . It took me a while to figure out how to use AutoCrat extension. I wish I could push updates to the individual documents that AutoCrat makes.

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