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Friday, September 22, 2017

Day 38: Week's Reflection

Another week done. Sometimes it feels like I can't believe how fast the week has gone and other teams I like I can't believe it's only been a week. Next week our Juniors are going to be gone and we have a modified schedule. I found my self trying to fight for more class time. In years past I would have gladly given up class time for personal time. Now I am trying to fight for every minute to have class.

Things I like
A student was absent today and they have an opportunity to not be behind because everything is digital. Students can find everything on Google Classroom. Actually I used google slides to embed webcam video and a Screencastify video to blend. I think I might do more of this in the future. Check it out here. When the students saw the Bitmoji I embedded into the slide they started laughing.

I like that students are willing to go up and share and explain problems on the board. I do feel like some students never go up. In some classes I have said everyone has to share or explain a problem. Most of the time I make it challenge by choice.

Student'ts going up explaining in their 5-4-3-2-1 answer. 

One of my kids wasn't sure what to say in their end of unit Flipgrid video and then she said the most amazing thing "Can I say that putting things in standard form makes it easier to work with". I was like amazing. In general the kids where a little apprehensive to do a reflection video but I am hoping that will change over time. I don't quiet get it since the kids love making Snapchat videos. I am also hoping that the videos will serve as a way for the kids to learn from each other.

I started a new re-quiz policy. In order for students to re-quiz they have to fill out an "error analysis sheet. " Show me what error they made, why they made it, and how are they going to avoid in the future. What I wanted is a way for the kids to not make the same mistakes and proof to me that they are ready to re-quiz. I don't want to waste their time if they are not ready. So far all but one of the students scores a perfect score and all of them improved upon their original score. This idea and handout is borrowed from this post by Sarah Carter.

Really enjoyed the Ghost in the graveyard game I played with my freshman to review independent and dependent variables. Halfway through the activity I added points for each graveyard that the students but their ghost in and all of sudden they started trying harder. I like when students push themselves to work hard. This is when competition is a good thing.

Things that Interest me

  • Want to try giving feedback with #MathSnaps saw this on twitter last night and might try it this weekend with some of the quizzes I need to grade.
  • Using Flipgrid  to let the kids show me their learning
  • Using Flipgrid to do a number talk
  • Using google classroom to give more digital feedback. Not sure how to do this since most if not all of my quizzes
  • Using Ed Puzzle to do  flipped videos. Like that you can have the video pause have the kids answer questions. 
  • Using google forms to have the kids do a exit quiz after watching their video lesson. 
  • Want to create a monthly Newsletter that I post in the bathroom for teachers. I heard this idea I think from the Google Tribe Podcast.  Going to call it "PD in the Lou" 

Things I am struggling with
Motivating the kids. I sometimes feel like the class is to open. I give the kids a lot of freedom and sometimes that don't use their time wisely are they get distracted by other things. With my seniors I tried an activity of building equations backwards. Trying to show them how we can solve complex problems. I am not sure if I didn't introduce it correctly or if the content is way over their head. I feel like I am loosing their interest a little bit. I think I will at least try the activity one more time and see if it clicks.

Sometimes I feel like I can be too confrontational. I don't think that is my intent. For instance, I tell kids "put away your phone we are here to learn" and I will get attitude. I also will get some attitude when I tell them to put work away from another class. I don't really assign HW and I feel like my time in class is precious.

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