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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Day 24: QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Not sure exactly what led me to do a QR scavenger hunt (probably saw it on twitter). I also just wanted to learn more about QR codes, and the best way to learn is to teach. My senior math class started with the above QR code, which was posted in google classroom. This linked to a video that students scanned with their personal phones (are school disables the student's iPads). Each code linked to a picture of a problem that I made up using dry erase lap boards.  Students were up and moving, collaborating with each other, and the amount of time the kids where just engaged was great. No group finished and I had kids coming back at lunch to find more QR codes. Told them the first group that finished will get a prize. This might be interesting but I am going to give a dollar to the group that finishes first. I am also going to give a dollar to every other group that eventually finishes. The point I am trying to make here is that speed is not important. That it might take longer for some people to learn, but we are all on the same team. We all want to get that dollar. It doesn’t matter if it takes someone 1 day or 2 days, as long as we all learn.
Students working on problems during the hunt. We were reviewing compound Inequalities. This activity allowed me to go around the room and interact with different groups and give them feedback.
Hid the codes all over the room. Made some real easy to find, but wanted the kids active. When in life is all the useful information right in front of us? Usually we have to go find the information and figure out what is useful or not (side note: not sure if any of the kids follow my blog but no one has found the one in the blue bookcase or under the chair).

It was so easy to make that I made a warm up activity for my study skills class. Had the kids answer some review questions and some random questions (would you rather have a fish for a right hand?" I was motivated recently form listening to, 10 minuet teacher podcast by Vicki Davis to ask the students “what is one thing you wish that the teacher knew about you?” Some of the responses were funny “I like taco bell” and “nothing, that’s creepy (why are you asking me this)”. Some are deep “I don’t like socializing with others” and “I just want to be left alone”. I think I would want to know why they feel that way. The kids finished their warm up and then worked on a four 5's problem.

Video of the kids interacting during the hunt. Love how the kids are all up and moving. 

Link of QR codes used in math class.  I made the QR codes using this link for the scavenger hunt and this one for the math class.

What else is going on

  • I bought a year subscription to Flipgrid. Love giving students a voice and a way to reflect and to collect their thoughts. Going to have students reflect after each unit using Flipgrid. 
  • Lab boards came and they have changed how quickly I can assess students and get feedback. Today in class I just asked them show me your board and I could look arose the room and say "yeah" or "nay"
  • I had my first student ask me what their grade is. As of now I am not planning on communicating grades back on quizzes. Instead I am giving diagnostic feedback. If a student or parent wants to see their grade I will let them know. My hope is that this allow students to focus on learning instead of a score. Students who are struggling I am planning on encouring them to re-quiz and to get help. 

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