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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

First Day of School

Image result for first dayThank you first of all to twitter world, Alice Keeler, Dave Burgess, Dan Meyer, ect for challenging me to do something more then just read the syllabus on boring. School is about learning and if I can get the kids just a little bit interested in coming back the next day I will take that is a win.  I decided to do the marshmallow challenge with all my classes.which I got from Sara at her blog Math=Love. Click here to find more info.  Some groups really got into it, however, some groups were done in 3 minutes. challenged them to try to make it taller or more stable. I think those people are already for school year to be over. My goal is to be able to change those students mindset about school and at least math. One of my students who I thought was really being engaged actually by the end of the challenge started to give input and try to make the tower bigger. Need to remember to be patient with my students and give them time to think.

 Thought this was a smart way to organize the challenge.

Image result for interactive notebooksAfter the challenge we started working on creating our interactive notebooks. This is my first year doing them and the first thing I realized is that I am going to plan more time for the students to create and paste items in their book. Also need to be more organized and maybe have more examples of completed work. Might try to make a completed notebook for each table for the kids to reference.

I was amazed how long it took to make a pocket to glue into the notebook. Need to find a better way to do this.

Image result for hall passMy new hall pass policy which was inspired from this post, got the most discussion with my students. I told the kids they will only get 4 hall passes per quarter. At my last school they gave the kids 10 per quarter for all their classes, not per class. I feel like many students waste time "going to the bathroom" to check Snapchat, Instagram, text, or check Facebook. My favorite comment was "I understand the policy but I am not sure I like it". I think I am ok with having that conversation. I want to communicate that we are here to learn. If I really want to move to non HW system then kids need to value class time more.


  1. Just saw your blog notification on Twitter. I love interactive notebooks! Idea to help your pocket problem:
    Looked for a photo demonstration, and it took me to this blog: (it does a great job at explaining pockets)

    Have a great start to the year!

    1. Thank you for the feedback. I like the idea of using the pages in the interactive notebook already as a giant pocket, however, I am not sure if I want to commit 2 pages to the book for each pocket but we might not use all 100 pages.