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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Day 9-10: The Power of Relationships

Relationships matter
One of the many reasons I love teaching at my school is that we value relationships.  We value relationships so much that we bus the kids out to the country and stay in cabins Sunday and Monday, We call it our Fall Picnic (I know it’s still summer).  There we spend time doing team building activities by classes. I am a sponsor for the 2020 class and it is a great time for the kids to bond with each other but also for the teachers to get to know the kids better. I really, really, really like my class that I sponsor. They are a great group of kids and I can’t wait to see the type of leaders they will become.  I really feel this is what makes Madison Academy great.  Research has shown positive relationships between teacher and their students can lead to better educational outcomes: better grades, less absences, and lower instances of discipline. I LOVE that my schools not only encourages relationship building, but they take time out of their 180 school days to make it a priority. I strongly believe the lost educational time is gained tenfold in educational outcomes. Amazing things happen when students know that you truly believe in them and want them to succeed. I am so pumped for the year!

The Eclipse
The Eclipse was amazing. Being in Nashville we were right on the line of complete totality.
This guy is amazing. 
Hard to see but the last three shots are of the eclipse. Pictures do not do justice. 

Flipped Lesson

Recorded my first flipped lesson using screencast software on my computer. It was exciting to make content and record it. I hope my kids enjoy the flipped videos.  Feel free to check it out. Part 1, Part 2. Teaching the kids to take Cornell notes with their videos. I really like the structure and getting the kids to try to come up with test questions. 

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