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Friday, August 18, 2017

Day 8: I can't get my students to Believe

I can't get some of my students to believe in this new way of doing math. My biggest point is I want students to think deeply about math verses just memorizing information.

I really thought it was a good idea to try to spend the first week or so to set up the type of mindset messages I wanted for the year. Two of my classes have really embraced it and are really trying. I don't mind people being skeptical, I actually appreciate it. Even in one of my classes that have really embraced this new way of doing math they told me today that even though they do believe that people can achieve and change their ability but they still believe that some people are born with more talent than others. The conversation went like this. 

ME: "So Student "x" is good at music right?
Students: "Yes, he/she was born with more musical talent."
Me: "Do you play the piano?"
Student 1: "yes"
Me: "How did you learn to play or where you born with the ability to play the piano?"
Student 1: "I practiced, but it helped that I have a musical family"

I agree that environment will play a huge factor in what certain abilities get fostered. Some people because of their environment it will make it easier to foster those abilities. I think my students feel that they can improve but some people are still just born with more talent. I appreciate this class’s attitude and willingness to try, even though they don’t understand fully.

What is discouraging to me is when some of my students come up to me and ask me "when are we going to do math"...We have been doing math the whole time. These students may not every value going deeper with math. I am suppressed what they think they KNOW what math is supposed to be. I can't get them to even have a good attitude with this new math system. Thank goodness some of my other students have embraced it and it has been working well with them.

How I feel right now
How I want to feel when it works


  1. Don't give up! It will all come together. Keep doing what you are doing. Even skeptics will buy in, with time.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement. Today much better.