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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Day 6: The Power of Mistakes

IIf there is one thing I learned this summer by taking Jo Boaler's mathematical mindset class is that mistakes are powerful. That when we make mistakes synapses fire in our brain. Even when we don't realize we make mistakes our brain grows and makes new pathways (Check out the research) . I think that the reason our brain grow's when we make mistakes even when we don't realize we are making a mistake is because this a time where we are being challenged and that process of challenge is important for our brain. I think along the way some students are afraid of challenge for whatever reason. One of my classes has been very resistant to take on this new challenge of doing math. We have been stuck on the building shapes problem, Check out yesterdays post to see more. Motivating these students has been very difficult and I have felt discouraged that this new way of teaching math won't work, at least maybe for them.  I have decided that instead of just moving on to the next lesson I am going to keep devoting time for the students to complete the task. More important than building shapes is getting the kids to work together as a group. I feel like they are unmotivated to even try. I am hoping if I can get them to believe in themselves and teach them mistakes are part of the learning process that they won't be afraid to try. As I was struggling with this class I was then hit with an idea that my brain is growing right now! The mistakes I am making I will learn form and find the right way to connect and motivate these kids. 

Favorite growth mindset quotes about mistakes:

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