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Monday, August 14, 2017

Day 4: #Brain Breaks #Iteachmath #MTBoS

Day 4:
First full day of teaching HS math and Elementary PE. I really do miss teaching the "little's". First year teaching Elementary PE in 5 years.

Brain Breaks
I also teach a study skills class with the principal and today we did our first brain break. We played "Toe Tapper "or "2-2-1"

Our kids sit way too much in school and as a PE teacher I know the importance of being active and the positive impact it can have on students grades. Check out this video on the important of brain breaks and activity in school. The video is on Paul Paul Zientarski TED talk and has even changed the way I teach math and PE. I also highly recommending reading the book Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, by John Ratey

Submit a Brain Break:
I am taking suggestions from teachers, students, parents. 

*EDIT* Added some more resources to find brain breaks

I follow the blog to get brain breaks

You tube Chanel playlist I made with some of my favorite brain breaks

I follow this guy from Naperville High. He submits brain break Videos.


  1. I'm getting an "error" message when trying to view the video. I would love to see Toe Tapper! Can you re-share? Alex, every day you give me something new to think about!

  2. Should be working now. Direct link is

    1. Thank you! I also subscribed to your youtube channel. :)