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Friday, August 11, 2017

Day 3: Four 4's and " Student X is genetically more able to succeed"

Day 3 in the books.

Growth Mindset Video
Watched our first mindset video form YouCubed. Every class a little different but had good discussion about mindsets, "math brain", and what happens in your brain when you struggle. Even if some students didn't take part in the class discussion I think I could see light bulbs going off. My favorite discussion involved around that the students believed that they can learn and improve, so excited to hear that as a common them, but my favorite comment was that "well some people are more able to succeed. take student X he did so well last year because of genetics." What is interesting about success is people only see the tip. I know student X and the students family pretty well and it may look like it comes easy but Student X works their tail off. No one sees whats underneath the iceberg.

Four 4's
Did four 4's. Check out more here. This activity was great. I think my favorite thing is that the students are asking tons of questions. They are genuinely trying to figure out other ways to figure out how to get certain numbers. I was amazed that one class came up with 3 different ways to get 1. It was fun seeing kids check their mistakes. I really need to make sure that I don't correct the kids mistakes right away and challenge them to justify their answer. I also try to get the kids to give students feedback on their process.

Tweet Strip
I wanted to start teaching the kids how to use Twitter. So I had them reflect and answer "what is intelligence", which I got form Sarah's blog most of them said or used the word SMART. Want to eliminate this word from my students vocabulary.

Love the one that see's intelligence is about making connections and recognizing the value of difference. Also reminded me overall that a good amount of the students value their grades as part of their self worth. That being "good" means having good grades. I hope to change this angle more about learning and improving. Also another reason I want to #DitchGrades

Distraction Box
Had my first use of the policy. Decided to give grace. The bell had not wrong yet but I wanted the student to know that when we come into this class we are working hard and getting ready to learn. The bell does not start class, YOU start class. I hope this message was hit home. I also need to figure out how much is it worth confronting the students of minor distractions. I want to enable them to have control to make the right decision.

Other Stuff
I had the kids reflect in their journal about what they learned today. I think this is so important for kids to do every day.

Did a growth mindset quiz.This took forever. Next year going to make a Google form of it and have them do it on Google Classroom.

Need to find a better way to hand out LEFT side activities in the INB. Also ran out of glue sticks. Used a TON of tape today.


  1. Great job not only with the blog, but the research you are doing to make your classes engaging. Do you have a link for the Growth Mindset Quiz you used?

    1. I think Modeled it from this post.

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