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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Day 2-"It's OK to be unsuccessful..."

Day 2 is in the books. Second day of doing the marshmallow challenge:

Love this one.

This one was the biggest one made of the day

...until this group beat them 

However, it did not last long.

Here are all the groups. each glass seemed to do a better and better job with the challenge.

Favorite quote today, "it's OK to be unsuccessful, we just need to start and make mistakes". This is why I love doing a group challenge on day 1, like the marshmallow challenge. It gets students to work together, problem solve, and it sets the tone that class is a time to explore and make mistakes. I really hope this new way I am doing math, modeled after the Class I took at Stanford and reading Mathematical Mindsets, works out.

Usually, I have four different preps for math and when I teach a lesson I don't teach that lesson again for another year. So I am exited right now that all of the classes are doing the same things right now allowed me to make a change and try it out right away.

I added a video to my slides for the marshmallow challenge. No more using my watch and forgetting to check it and going longer then.

I am still amazed how long it takes to work on the interactive notebooks. some students are gluing pages on the wrong spot, some tables are working faster then others (usually my girls), and it seems like making pockets takes forever. I tried making a print out of step by step directions, didn't really help, and the pictures didn't print in color or the right size.  Might try to having already have pre-cut half sheets for them or have pockets that are glued and ready to go. Except one of my students made their own pocket, amazing!!!!

I realized I need a better way to hand out handouts and supplies. I tried having a slide with all the handouts they needed to grab. Some still did not grab everything but I think this will help the students to get going before the bell work.

I think I am also amazed in how much I learn to do things better from the students. One of my students suggested tri-folding the syllabus in the pocket so it would fit better and would fit into the pockets better, and I agree.

One of my teachers was throwing this away and thought I might be able to use it to put handouts in.

Added some bins with colored paper going to try having some half sheets ready. 

Nothing feels better when one of my classes on day 1, for them, genuinely come in and say "I missed this class, seriously man!" I want this to be my anthem for the year. I want kids to want to love to come to math class. I want that love to come because they love learning. That the students can't wait to figure out what adventure we are going to go on next.

I also realized I am going to need to buy more glue. All ready threw away 2 sticks.

All-in-all a good day 2. This is how I feel about Day 3