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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Day 17: Everything is better when we work togeather

The Power of Collaboration
I really wanted to highlight the value of collaboration. My senior math class is killing it right now. They have really embraced our new way of doing math. The video bellow is a great example of the kids during group work explaining their reasoning to each other. Peer teaching at its best. The genuinely want to know more about rational numbers. 

I just love how math class is starting to become. Between our group work and flipped lessons (was making videos last night and my wife had to tell me to be quiet, I get really into it when I record a video lecture). I saw one of my math students today in the hallway and they mentioned to me that "math class is really different this's fun...I like it." 

I wanted to also point out the power of collaboration over social media. I made the bellow post and asked for feedback and I got 11 different people to take this Desmos lesson. What was amazing is that I got all that feedback in less than 12 hours’ time of the original post. I want our school to realize that social media can be a great tool.

Brian Break: Olympic Giants, Wizards, and Elves

With our study skills class we did a brain break that I call Olympic: Giants, Wizards, and Elves, which is essential rock paper scissors. Check out the video here of the kids moving. To get the kids moving I combined an idea I saw from this video, which is to add a bronze, silver, and gold level. All kids start in the bronze level and try to work their way up to the Gold. If they win or lose they move up or down a level. Bottom line is neither of these two ideas are my own but I am just combing the two. When we work together and bounce ideas of each other we can accomplish so much more. 

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