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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Day 16: Students Become the Graph #flipclass

Motion capture device was so much fun. I love that math can be engaging. I realized we needed to spend more time understanding relationships and modeling those relationships before we go into the lesson. So I got to play with my new toy that I bought over the summer. I had the kids become the graph. Here are some of the data that the kids.

I forgot to take screen shots early on. The first takes where fun to see how the kids had to discover what the graph represented. We ended with the kids trying to make up their own relationships.  Here are some video of the kids becoming the graph

I think the most amazing thing is every kid wanted a turn. At first they were a little slow to try, but at the end we could have gone on forever. We had moved onto another part of the lesson and kids wanted to keep pulling it up and trying different situations out i.e. “what happens when I jump?”

I bought Screencastify two weeks ago and I can't stop making flipped videos. I just made two more tonight. My wife had to come in and tell me to keep it down. I get supper excited teaching through the flipped lesson. I mostly doing in class flipped lesson, I truly don’t like HW but I think flipped videos is not the same thing.  However, it is still valuable for situations for when students are absent or need to go back and review. Its great way to maximize my class time. This way I sit with the kids and we get tons of practice. It also always me to get some students who are ready for more content and push them ahead.


  1. I wish I could see the videos!?! I'm getting an error message when I click on them. You all are having so much fun with math and technology. That's great! I'm curious when you say "you bought screencastify". I have the free version. Is the paid version better and worth the price? I agree with your excitement over the Flipped Classroom. Getting to spend more face-to-face time, problem solving with students, is way better than standing up there, delivering notes.