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Monday, August 28, 2017

Day 14: "Who is in charge of your learning?" #flipgridFever

Image result for flipgridOver the summer I sort of caught the #FlipgridFever. I am still trying to figure out the best way to use Flipgrid. Overall I want my kids reflecting more and I also want my kids learning how to communicate appropriately over social media. So at the end of each unit I am going to have my students record a reflection video using Flipgrid. I showed them This Video of my son doing a reflection in Flipgrid (isn't he the cutest). After watching the video the kids seemed excited. Unfortunately, their iPad's camera are disabled, and they will have to use their phones or just record audio. One student already recorded their video, added stickers, drew on it, looks really good. If this works out I am going to have to pay for this, right now, using a 60 day trial. I also might require the kids to respond to at least two other students.  Want our kids to realize that our words we say on the internet can last forever. 

Formative Quizzes
I am still new to giving formative quizzes, but so far I like the practice. The thought process is I give the kids a quiz to see what the know about the lesson. I don't grade it with correct or wrong answers but instead give diagnostic feedback. Giving diagnostic feedback doesn't come natural for me but I like the concept of writing questions or prompts on a kids paper to help them learn instead of just the correct answer. I was giving my freshman class a formative quizzes and the students had a hard time trying to work independently. Tried to remind them that if you get help from another student then I don't know how I can help you, instead my feedback would only help the other student. The quiz was on modeling different situations by graphing them. I enjoyed this conversation:
Student: Teacher "X" didn't teach us "this" last year.   
ME: "don't throw Teacher "X" under the bus."
Student:"Ok, my teacher didn't teach this to me" 
Me:  Who is in charge of your learning? The teacher or you?

I enjoyed this conversation. I want the kids to understand that they are in charge for their learning. A teacher might help and give feedback, but a teachers job is not to be the gatekeeper of content. The 21st century world we live in how so much FREE content at our fingertips. 

Things I am excited about

Image result for desmos imagesUsing Desmos activity, "Laser Challenge" Check it out here. With my Geometry class latter this week. First time using Desmos lesson every. So excited to try it out. Hope the kids like it. I mean we get to play with Lasers!

Setting up the norm that we are here to learn: Some students are moaning about my new hall pass policy, students only get 4 passes per quarter. I want students to value their class time. That also means I need to make sure I have class time that is engaging.

I am also excited that latter this week my freshman class is going to get to play with my new toy, the motion capture device that I bought from Texas Instruments. Check it out here . Going to use it to show them and let them be the graph.

Blog 180 and #teach 180
I want to blog or tweet everyday of teaching this year. You can follow me on twitter here. 

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  1. What a cutie Felix is. His video was great! I added a reply just to see what FlipGrid is like. It was very cool!